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About This Site:

  • Shia Islamic Books is the first online Distributor, Retailer and the Publishers of Islamic books operated by a Non-profit organization to promote Islamic knowledge and literature.
  • The primary objective of Shia Islamic Books is to establish a single platform that provides a comprehensive service to all aspect of Digital and Paper book production of Islamic books in North America and partners worldwide.
  • This site provides a single platform where Authors can find a publisher, publishers can distribute their books and public can purchase their desired Islamic books.
  • The services available at this site include;

    • Distributors, wholesaler or warehouser of Islamic books for other publishers
    • We can wholesale your books to retailers and to industrial, commercial, institutional (academic or religious) or professional users, or directly retail to general public.
    • Relations with small or independent publishers and self published authors.
    • Relations with Academic and Religious Institution and consumers/end-users.
    • We connect the Publishers and Authors work to other Islamic and non-Islamic retailers and general public through retail outlets and websites.
    • We can publish and retail the book to direct consumer or end-user. We can store your books in our warehouse and mail the paper book directly to the consumer.
    • We provide wholesale retail of books published by our Publishing house and titles of other publishers.
    • We can retail the books to Academic and Religious institutions, including Islamic Centers.
    • Through our growing online partner sites your book can be showcased and retailed at several sites and retail/media outlets.
    • For authors, we can convert your book to digital media (E-book) and sell your book at other major retailers including Amazon and iBooks.
    • Book wholesaler and book retailers can use our website to sell their Islamic books.
    • Book publishing service to Authors in search of publisher.
    • Printing services to other publishers.
    • E-book and paper book publication.
    • Book Translation for publication.
    • Manuscript review and Editorial services including Graphic designs.
  • We do not sell nor provide distribution of radical or extremist literature. We do not endorse any political or religious organization.
  • The operator and owners of this site do not necessarily endorse the contents of each and every book sold on this site and every attempt has been made not to sell books that are inflammatory or radical. If you find any literature (book) that you feel is anti-Islamic or below the standard of ethics and morality or disrespectful to any other religion or culture, please contact us and we will permanently remove the book from this site.
  • Book stores, Publishers, Academic Institutions, Islamic Centers and Authors can sell or develop their material by using this website.
  • Please contact us for any question or further details.